What webcomic would be complete without a proper listing to other splendid webcomics? And so, I present you with my own little personal list of webcomic favourites. After all, without them, where would my own aspiration have come from? So take a little time to give them your own respect.




As We Were

From the creator of Sorcery 101, comes an associated story, of two demon hunters, Lope and Suzanne. While on a several years run of searching for a mysterious vampire who attacked Suzanne, Lope is suddenly called home for a ceremony, which leads to them travelling to Lope’s homeland.

(Link exchange) "A webcomic based on the random, bored, drunken, and sober weirdness of the authors life and mind." (I may not be a college student, or drink at all, myself, but I can kinda understand where he's coming from. Life's random and ridiculous, might as well poke fun at it!)

Broken Plot Device
“A geek-centric comic which pokes various aspects of nerd culture”, as well as a talented creator and a unique and colourful cast of characters… really, what more could you ask for? It’s funny, it’s adorable, it’s squishy! (um, bottom line, it’s good) Join the residents of Byron Factory apartments for their amusing daily antics.

Coming Up Violet
A spin off from Fur Will Fly, following the life of Violet, who finds out what life is like starting highschool, being noticed by boys, living with her parents' friends, and finding a random human in her closet. Suffice to say, interesting!

Dark Welkin
From the co-creator/artist who brought us Mundane Nirvana, comes "sarcasm with a touch of the supernatural". It's just gotten started, but with amazing art style, and quite the starting cast, it's shaping up to be quite the story.

Dan And Mab's Furry Adventures
A charmingly humourous and sometimes dramatic tale of our main heroes Dan and Mab, and all their comrades of the magical
land of Furrae. Stories of magic, intrigue, history, incidents, confusion, stupidity and battle. All with the most colourful cast of characters you've ever seen. (Literally!)

The End Of Things
People aren't always who you think they are, on the outside. We all face our own inner demons, everyday. But sometimes we let them get the better of us, until they've created someone we can barely recognize from our former shell. It's learning to accept yourself for who you are, and letting the light of those around you in, that can be the hardest part.

A webcomic for gamers of all variety! Whether you roll with Sony, Nintendo, or XBox, they've all got something for the gamer in you. Take a peek into the lives of Paul, Lemmy and Sylvia through their gaming experiences throughout every recent and classic platforms and games, and being general fanatics. Enjoyment for all.

Faux Pas
An adorable strip about a variety of domestic and wild animals, trained to be animal actors, living out their days (or occasional breaks between gigs) on an old farm in the
Rockies. An amusing tale woven around Randy the fox and his animal friends, with a few wilder comrades here and there... altogether quite classically delightful!

Fletcher Apts.
Ah... remember the good old college days, when you stayed up all night studying for exams, resorting to bizarre antics to cough up housing rent, playing in a band for the glory and chicks, and observing the occasional catfight? No? Well then let our happy trio Bill, Bob and Doug help you remember!

House Of LSD
When triplet sisters (and actresses) Devi, Skye and Luna tire of being underpaid and under respected by their current employers, they go about setting up their own adult studio, with the help of their sister Racquel. Needless to say, things get interesting fast.

Ever felt alienated in a crowd of strangers? Our main girl Rei does... a little too well. But waking up on a new planet can do that to you! But she's determined to make the best of it, with her strange new friends, on a quest to find answers, amoung other things...

Menage a 3
What happens when you stick a comic book geek with two “way-sexier-than-he-is roommates” in a “tight-as-a-sandwich apartment”? Hilarity, amoung other things. Gary and his roommates, Zii and DiDi walk the fine line of barriers in this little number.

Nowhere University
Now this is
a school! From the wide variety of students, ranging from cosplayers, Trekkie fans and Renaissance figures, to furthermore strange staff, such as professors named after famous fictional characters (...or are they really?), it's one magically educational experience after another.

Original Life
From the creator of Better Days, comes this new story, continuing the lives of those who grew up in the original BD storyline, as well as the new generation. Fisk now has three children of his own, who are shaping out to be quite the array of characters.

Sister Claire
“Pregnant nun. Holy Crap.” Really, that’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. But it’s true, when a young novice nun finds out that she’s carrying the new Messiah, and will have to go to extraordinary lengths to protect it (and possibly the world).

Sorcery 101
Sorcery proves to be no easy skill to master, even in a world where one can swing a hand and hit some magic, in any direction. But main character, Danny and his friends, are up for the challenge, werewolves, demons, vampires, mages and all. Always attend your classes, children.

Thunder & Lightning
If you enjoy a bickering pair of unwilling partners, look no further! When a budding young storm mage, Raamah, accidentally casts a magical bond on a werewolf named Barak, the stubborn duo must learn to tolerate one another, if they wish to survive their warpath ridden world. Featuring lovely anime/manga artwork, and stylish B&W finish.

VG Cats
This comic just plain amuses the everloving crap outta me. If you've ever owned a gaming console, played a particular video game, watched an anime, or picked up a certain book or movie, these parodies will crack you up for sure! And played out by quite the whimsical characters as well (when not featuring many well known fictional characters. Tee hee.).

Vinci & Arty
Just a really lighthearted, yet intriguing story about "day to day life and the laughs that go with it", starring two of the most adorably sweet anthro lads you'll ever meet. Well, at least when Vinci's not offering you his questionable cooking, or Arty's not ripping you a new one with that smart mouth of his, anyway!



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